5 Things You Didn’t know About Smart TVs

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Technology is quickly transforming the way people watch TV and interact with their televisions. Smart TVs are merging the Internet and television to create a new experience that engages viewers in a new way. This is empowering people to get the most from their television, programs and downloadable content.

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon is a pioneer in the streaming universe. You can easily access tons of television series and movies through your smart TV. This type of streaming allows you to forgo paying expensive premiums for television. You can simply buy what you want to see. There are over 90,000 titles in the Amazon library. All of this is easily accessed through your smart TV.

You Can Use TV Apps

Apps for your television are just like apps for your phone. These include YouTube, Facebook, Picasa and so many others. These apps make your television experience more enjoyable and convenient. Your television is essentially a computer that you can quickly access. The best part is that a larger screen allows you to share what you are watching with family and friends. If you want to show them fun videos, you don’t have to huddle over a small computer screen anymore.

Digital Living Network Alliance

The DLNA allows you to sync your devices with your smart TV. This is a streamlined process that can help you share information quickly and easily. If you download a lot of media, this handy feature definitely makes your life easier. There’s no more hassle with transfer cables.

It Probably Has 3D Capability

A lot of smart televisions are also capable of utilizing 3D technology. This is a hot feature that more televisions are incorporating into the design and technology. Not all smart televisions are 3D enabled, but you will find that many of them are. This means 3D gaming and movies without paying the surcharge at the theater.

LED Backlighting

LED lighting on the TV is an energy-saving technology that makes your screen look brighter, but it also makes it last longer. This type of lighting is different from the standard television, and the difference is quickly noticeable. You will fall in love with the bright resolution and crisp quality.

Open Source

A majority of smart televisions use an open-source operating system. This means it uses Android or Linux to operate applications and programs through the television. This feature allows for more updates, creativity and development with the technology. It’s a good thing, and you will greatly appreciate it when you buy your smart TV.

Smart televisions are growing in popularity. They are quite expensive right now, but they are expected to lower in price as demand increases. Smart televisions will quickly become the norm in households.

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Steph is 21 and has been working in retail for the past 4 years. She is currently studying IT and has a love for all the latest gadgets out on the market and reviewing them.

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